Semilab and partners present new research paper on surface modification of vertically aligned hexagonal mesoporous silica films investigated by ellipsometric porosimetry

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The University of Southampton (UK), University of Warwick (UK), CNRS (France) and Semilab published a joint research paper in a recent issue of RSC Advances (an international journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry). In the reported work, vertically aligned hexagonal pores have been produced via the electrochemically assisted surfactant assembly (EASA) method. The pore walls of the silica powder and films have been grafted with a variety of organosilane reagents. The size of the pore, degree of grafting and effect on the properties of the pore have been investigated using porosimetry and other techniques. Such structures are relevant in providing a chemically stable platform for applications in catalysis, adsorption and sensors.

The paper can be found online on the RSC Advances webpage:!divAbstract

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